Hello Builders, Developers, Renovators, Large Contractors, Architects & Interior Designers

Take advantage of our wholesale direct import supply strategy. We have all range of floor tiles, wall tiles, granite, marble, stone benctops, limestone, sandstone, slate stone and landscaping stones.

We can arrange consignment delivered directly to your project site or yard. We save in overheads, distributing, stocking and the cost benefit is yours.

We can minimise your procurement efforts in sourcing, design and colour selection and ordering as we are one stop shop. Call on 0450 771 709 or email at oceanic_au@internode.on.net to see our product display in Adelaide.


Wholesale Supply

We do not retail. We supply in bulk to your project. Save money by buying from us.

Direct Import

No Distribution. No Stocking. No Middle Men. We save these costs for your benefit.

Huge Collection

We have top class products for that upmarket property. We have medium and economy range to suit all.

Custom Solutions

We can produce Tile designs with digital printing technology for that special project of yours.